Naresh Joshi

Kalawathi Roy

Good..very happy to know by your will power you have over come. Difficulties came to the spiritual path strongly .

Naresh Joshi

Thanks that u understand me.

Very few recognize the truth.

Ego usually forces the man to put one thing against another.

And people miss the sweet and enlightening chats.

Kalawathi Roy

I try to look soul of a person. I don’t go by simply mind.

Naresh Joshi

Yogoda is the first spiritual master supporting me even at my subconscious mind.


The biggest truth is that the will power with us is gifted by the mighty Father. So let the ego doesn’t strengthen it in his name.

In his name and fame.

Jai Guru.


And then, above all, above all, it is that inner flame, that
aspiration, that need for the light. It is a kind of—how to put
it?—luminous enthusiasm that seizes you. It is an irresistible
need to melt away, to give oneself, to exist only in the Divine.
At that moment you have the experience of your aspiration.”
-The Mother

Our Guru might have been your Guru in an your earlier life.

True, all rivers meet at the ocean.

Our goal is same hence the ways doesn’t matter.


No doubt.

Give him (your son) some time : like you have to know his friends with whom he is mixing. Sangat means company.  If it is in positive side or negative company. This is the right age for you to observe.

Speak about God with him.

Make him to sit with you when you meditate. It may be for 5mts, ok .

From childhood we must develop the child.



I tell his first spiritual power for realization.

He was in oral exam and could not speak table of 6 that time though he spoke tables of 8,9 & 5. I asked him again and again table of 6 and at this being troubled he prayed to Lord Krishna and suddenly he spoke.


At the same time you don’t force him. Go with a positive approach.

That’s very good.

That means he wants to know GOD.

I think it will be easy for you to guide him in our spiritual path.

Make him to sit still for a few mts.



I know as Sri Yukteshwarji told good and positive thoughts should must enter the ears of children.



That is true what Param Guru said. Both are required.

I think surroundings  are also important.


Not only Sannidhya, it’s my wish that there should be greater arrangement to develop higher consciousness in the children.

There was a urgent requirement of spiritual companion in my life.

 Now this spiritual sister has been gifted to me by the Father.

Like Mahavtar Babaji too has a sister.


It is blessings of God.

It is.God’s wish.

It is God’s blessings.