Naresh Joshi



Didi, I have realized that God cannot be known with science.

 A mixture of reason and feeling both 50:50 can make the transformation.

As also stated by Paramahansa Yoganandaji.

Kalawathi Roy

By meditating together, we help each other and give vibrations to family and surroundings.

Naresh Joshi



One day I was thinking deeply about the Mahavatar Babaji and in the night I dreampt that Babaji instead of being in Himalaya, he was resting on a charpai in the very coastal and poor area of Mumbai.

Kalawathi Roy

Yes I heard that Babaji appears like this way.

Naresh Joshi

In the dream I was shocked by his presence in a crowded area.

That was, what I feel he had descended himself from the heights to the lower coastal areas.

It is Babaji has descended and bestowed his spirit for the general public.

To the poor and low as well.

Kalawathi Roy

May God fulfill your wishes.

The previous photo is of Dhyana Mandir at Dihika Dhyana Kendra.

A view inside Dihika Dhyana Kendra.

Pond and Guest house in Dihika Dhyana Kendra.

A nook where Guruji used to meditate. The exact place is covered with a glass plate inside this memorial.

A view of the pond and adjoining staircase where Guruji used to meditate.

A view of the dhyana mandir, pond and the adjoining staircase where Guruji used to meditate.


  • Kalawathi Roy